Autism Rocks Support Centre
  • Timings :

    Saturday-Thursday : 9am-6pm

  • Phone :

    +971 4 442 7012

  • Address :

    Unit 502, Floor 5, Building 27A, Dubai Healthcare City

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that is characterized by difficulties in the development of social relationships and communication skills. People with autism are seen as having unusually strong and narrow interests and repetitive behavior. Whilst some individuals are able to live relatively independent lives; others will require a lifetime of specialist support.


The Facts

How to understand?


To people with autism, the world is often a mass of people, places and events which they struggle to make sense of, and which can cause them significant amount of physical and emotional stress. In particular, understanding, and relating to friends and family or to taking part in everyday life may be incredibly difficult often leaving them feeling isolated and alone – instead they wonder why they are ‘different’.

10 signs of autism

A person with Autism might:

  1. Avoid eye contact
  2. Not play “pretend” games
  3. Not respond to their name
  4. Get upset by minor changes
  5. Isolate themselves from peers
  6. Avoid or resist physical contact
  7. Have no speech or delayed speech
  8. Demonstrate little safety or danger awareness
  9. Have challenges engaging in social interactions
  10. Fixate on certain items in their immediate environment