Autism Rocks Support Centre
  • Timings :

    Saturday-Thursday : 9am-6pm

  • Phone :

    +971 4 442 7012

  • Address :

    Unit 502, Floor 5, Building 27A, Dubai Healthcare City

Usha Shah

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Usha Shah is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Autism Rocks Support Centre. She is also mother to Nikhil Shah, the reason behind Autism Rocks Charity and Support Centre.

  • Unit 502, Floor 5, Building 27A, Dubai Healthcare City
  • +971 4 442 7012
  • [email protected]
Autism Rocks was first launched in 2014. It was founded to raise awareness about autism aid and fund research by organizing concerts with popular world musicians and artists from across the globe. Autism Rocks Support Centre was a much-needed facility in the UAE as autism wasn't recognised for insurance-funded care, which presented substantial challenges for families with limited resources. Autism Rocks Support Centre has taken a number of years in planning, developing and mastering gaps. It is a boutique centre offering evidence based therapies that work. Our core values sets our standard and ensures our patient's needs are completely met, by finding solutions to their treatment care, to enable families to live normal lives. Our staff has the knowledge, training and development to adhere to the best clinical services offered in Dubai. Our doors opened at Dubai Healthcare City in May 2017, marking the start of a new beginning.