Nikhil Rocks


Hello, I’m Nikhil and I’m the reason behind Autism Rocks. Welcome to my page!


I just turned eight last May 19th and I’m in Year two at school. I currently study in Gems Wellington in Al Khail, Dubai. I love swimming, watching movies, physical activities, jumping and most importantly, I love tickles (Hey, who doesn’t?).


I was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum in 2011, and because of that my parents setup UK charity Autism Rocks in 2014, to help raise awareness and help fund research into Autism.


I have a team of therapists that works with me everyday, that’s why my parents opened up their own Autism centre here in Dubai to make sure that I get attended to by more professionals, and to help kids that are like me.


I am very happy about having my own blog. I wanted to start it because I really wanted people to see my progress and what I’ve been doing and I want you guys to know more about me.


I hope you enjoy watching my videos and reading my posts.


Thank you for visiting Nikhil Rocks!


With love, Nikhil x

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